CrossFit For Beginners.

CrossFit for beginners – What should I expect?

Every journey starts with an idea…

Whether you’ve stumbled across this entry, or have taken the plunge and committed to a Crossfit Membership, you’re likely thinking about your fitness as an area of life you’d like to improve. Starting crossfit as beginners, peoples motivations (being stronger, faster, better physique etc) will differ, but one thing many of your crossfit comrades will have experienced is the initial anxiety that comes with leaping into the unknown. Excitement, nervousness, fear, these are all completely normal emotions to feel when you realise that…

…Everybody starts Crossfit as a beginner.

This not only means you’ll have way more questions than answers, it also means you’ll have some preconceived ideas of what to expect and what will be expected of you. Again, this is a common experience that’s unfortunately almost always followed up by a quick consult with Dr Google. That’s the kind of reflex crossfit is not about…relying on easy answers void of effort, context and the meaning you seek. Crossfit training will teach you that nothing easy is ever worthwhile, a daunting phrase until you look closer and realise that…

…Nothing worthwhile is ever done on your own.

Making the decision to abandon ‘easy’ will always leave you feeling nervous. But don’t let it get the better of you. Think of that nervousness as an energy in need of an outlet. This is where the community of crossfit comes into its own. Our coaches will take the time to get to know you and provide you with everything you need to succeed. Our members, made up of people just like you will help you find your place in our space; a vital ingredient to…

 …Experiencing the power of a Crossfit for beginners workout.

Take that first step through the door, start your first Workout of the Day (WOD) as a new member, and we assure you you’ll never look back. Every WOD

  • is designed and tailored to challenge everyone, working the same muscles with the same intensity.
  • runs for 1 hour duration (except for our 12:15 pm class, which is a 45-minute class)
  • are led by coaches expert in matching weight, repetitions, rounds, and distances to your level of ability (otherwise known as scaling).
  • begins with your coach demonstrating all the movements for the workout with scaled varieties to suit your personal level of fitness.

And here’s where your coach is your secret weapon; sharing their knowledge in correcting technique issues that lead to over-exertion, soreness, injury and decreased motivation.

Short cuts make for long delays

Of Crossfit you can expect community, camaraderie and coaching. Of yourself, you’ll need courage, commitment and a can-do attitude. These here are the ingredients for success, the benefits of which you’ll see not at some point in the future, but every single day. If this sounds like you, contact us, or, put your device away and come see us. 

Your journey towards better health and fitness awaits you.