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Why join CrossFit Raven Geelong?

What’s the fastest way to achieve your goals? Make it a habit! How do you do that? Say yes more often. Say yes to getting up early, say yes to getting home a little bit late. Give yourself the opportunity to succeed and you’d be surprised what you can achieve.

Our Full Membership gives you unlimited access to our classes and full access to open training times. We also offer our members exclusive access to our private Facebook Members Group where our expert coaches discuss topics with our members directly. AND of course there’s access to gym wifi, amenities, consumables and good conversation!

Only available to those who have completed our 5 week program or have completed their fundamentals at another box. Learn more about this step here

Frequently asked questions

You can train as often as you like, the WOD (workout of the day) is the same for each class so we recommend doing just one class a day so you don’t overwork the same muscles but coming in for open training times to work on different skills or just to come in and see the team is always encouraged.

Let us do the thinking for you, if you have any limitations or sore muscles please make our coaches aware and we will alter movements to make sure you are still working the desired muscles with the same intensity and doing it safely without any strain.

Holidays keep us all sane, so of course you can, we don’t want you paying for something that you aren’t here to use. You’ll still have access to our daily workouts if you want to maintain your fitness while you travel. And of course send us a snap or video of you completing it, because hey, if you don’t capture it – did it really happen?

We focus on physical, mental and emotional health, giving you the environment and the tools to maintain or improve these areas. BUT, it is up to you to make the most of what we offer. Apply these tools and we will be with you every step of the way to get you from where you are to where you want to be. Beyond fitness, CrossFit Raven will provide the community to develop life long friendships. It will never feel like you are training in a class of strangers, you are training with a second family.

CrossFit is for anyone wanting to improve their health. You do the same workout as the person beside you, your abilities will differ the movements, not your gender.
Generally speaking CrossFit attracts both men and woman in equal numbers.

We are constantly pushing boundaries, building both physical and mental strength. CrossFit never gets easy, you get fitter so you’re moving faster, lifting heavier or squatting deeper but the level of intensity remains the same from day one.
When the timer starts any insecurities you thought you had are gone, there is no time to think about the reps or the person beside you or who has what brand of shoes. Everyone is heads down giving it their all. You’ll receive constant feedback from our coaches on your performance and we’ll be with you at every step to make sure you don’t loose sight of why you started.

Unlimited classes includes: as many classes a week as you like / access to our members facebook page / coach advice and guidance anytime you are with us / unlimited access to open training times and use of showers.

We love seeing people achieve things together and working closely with their family and friends, we just ask that you please give us notice so we can staff appropriately to make sure we can provide enough attention and feedback to each person in the class.

We focus on what you can do, not what you can’t. Some injuries mean open training may be a suitable alternative to classes with a focus on rehabilitation and improving the injured area if we can OR improving the range and strength in areas around your injury to help you get more out of your body.  

When you join, you join to achieve something, you start with a destination in mind. Try not to focus too much on that destination but on the daily achievable steps you need to take to get there. Changing daily routines eventually become weekly which then become monthly and if you stay strong through the unmotivated times (we all have them) then suddenly your original destination is in the review mirror and you’re aiming for something much higher than you ever thought possible.

Anyone joining us under the age the age of 17 will require parent or guardian consent. As young bodies are still developing we want to make sure they are moving with that in mind. No-one is too old to move, whether you are jumping on to a box or stepping on to a weight plate it does not matter, we are all here to move and get more out of our bodies.

Short answer, no, you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do.
We encourage classes because there really is no better drive than the class environment with everyone pushing their limits together but you can do an unlimited membership and just attend open training which will give you full access to gym equipment and coach advice.

Building Stronger Humans.

Growth is painful. Change is painful. But nothing is as painful as being stuck somewhere you don’t want to be.
Take action and be the force in your life that strives to be better and we’ll be your number one hype team, standing right beside you pushing you to be better every step of the way.


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What you’ll get


We find ways to work the same muscles in different ways – because hey, we know no two people are the same and not every movement  can be done exactly the same way.



Whether is be Gymnastics, Mobility, Lifting or Cardio! Functional fitness is our jam, combining movements that are relevant to everyday life to improve your capability.


Our number one rule is quality before quantity. Our team provides constant feedback whether you want it or not. Insight and technique being our number one focus.


Walk in for a workout, walk out with friends. A bond not built with pleasantries but through working side by side, pushing each other  to the  limits achieving greatness together.

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