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Frequently Asked Questions

CrossFit begins with a desire to do better, the aim is to balance general and inclusive fitness.

CrossFit was developed to define fitness in a meaningful & measurable way, assessing physical tasks used most commonly around the world across a wide range of sports and forming these into functional movements.  CrossFit is also the community that arises when people do the workouts together, the communal aspect of CrossFit is a key component of why it’s so effective.

Although it is true that we train complex movements at CrossFit Raven, we understand that most people (even seasoned athletes) feel they are not ready to just jump right into a CrossFit workout.  We assess the abilities of all our clients, teach them the fundamentals, then ease them into the workouts at a comfortable pace.  Our focus is safety first, then efficiency and finally intensity. You don’t get in shape to do CrossFit, you do CrossFit to get in shape.

Of course! We are a very family orientated community, with that we understand the balance of looking after your family and looking after yourself. We have a kids area in the center of our gym so your kids can enjoy the toys and watch you train so they feel safe at all times.

Have no fear.

The WOD (workout of the day) is made to challenge everyone based on their level of fitness. But that same workout can be scaled to suit the needs of each member in the class. We can change the weight, repetitions, rounds, and distances to fit your ability (we call it scaling). Modifying the WOD helps to prevent you from over-exerting yourself and decreases overwhelming soreness.

Our classes run for a 1 hour duration including warmup, workout and stretch, with the exception of our 12:15 pm class, which is an express 45 minute class.

No! You are here to get fit.

Our classes are held for all levels of fitness. At the beginning of each class the coach will demonstrate and brief all the movements for the workout with scaled varieties to suit your personal level of fitness. You might be performing different movements to the person beside you but you will be working the same muscles with the same intensity.

No, you are free to do any class at any time.

Put simply – Coaching and accountability.
Having a knowledgeable coach available during class will reduce the risk of injury, improve your fitness faster, and correct any technique problems. Working out alone, unable to see your own movements, can be demotivating or lead to a number of bad habits that will only be harder to correct in the future.

A big part of CrossFit is community, family, and camaraderie. Having a good base of positive people around you is the best environment to train in. Not only will you be pushed harder because of the support from everyone, but you will have a great time doing it.

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The only way you will know if CrossFit is for you is to take the plunge and join in a class. From couch potato to AFL athlete, CrossFit is specifically designed to produce a high level of fitness, no matter your fitness goals.

Whilst it’s true that CrossFit isn’t for everyone, we are so sure about the quality of our coaching and programming that we offer all newcomers a free class pass for two sessions

 We feel that two session (taken over the course of a single week) is the best way to give you a safe and realistic introduction to CrossFit. All we ask is for an hour of your time and 100% of your effort.

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What you’ll get


We find ways to work the same muscles in different ways – because hey, we know no two people are the same and not every movement can be done exactly the same way.


Whether is be Gymnastics, Mobility, Lifting or Cardio! Functional fitness is our jam, combining movements that are relevant to everyday life to improve your capability.


Our number one rule is quality before quantity. Our team provides constant feedback whether you want it or not. Insight and technique being our number one focus.


Walk in for a workout, walk out with friends. A bond not built with pleasantries but through working side by side, pushing each other to the limits achieving greatness together.

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