How’s ya snatch?

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Ahem, excuse me?

Seemingly rude, it’s actually a commonly asked question amongst the CrossFit community. So, how is it?

A little about the ‘Snatch’

  • Requires a lot of skill and mobility
  • The most advance Olympic lift we do in CrossFit
  • More than likely will make you want to throw the bar across the room and cry

Why we snatch

Excellent question, we do ask this a lot ourselves. But, how satisfying is it when you “master” (we will use that term loosely as the mastery of snatches is a very lengthy journey) something that you never thought you could.

But more importantly, it teaches us stability, coordination, strength and explosiveness. Whilst that may seem like it’s irrelevant for the every-day individual, I can assure you it is not.

  • Stability – overhead stability. Hiding something on the top shelves from your loved ones… ie, chocolate
  • Coordination – Being able to catch ( something )
  • Strength – Baby and Patrick Swazzy in Dirty Dancing, you never know when that scene may turn into real life.