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Just One More Rep.

At CrossFit Raven we won’t ask you for another rep because we love to see you suffer, we ask because we know you’ve got one more left in you. That extra rep, helps you to be a little bit better, a little bit faster, that little bit stronger. NO ONE improves 20% overnight, you improve by 1% each time.

Read our client journey’s and see how we’ve helped to improve their lives which we’re honoured to have been apart of.

Georgia’s Journey

Name: Georgia Holroyd

Age: 30

Why did you start CrossFit? to get stronger and build up my fitness after having my third baby in November 2022

Why have you stayed at CrossFit Raven? because the coaches and the CrossFit Raven community in Geelong are incredible. It’s such good vibes coming to the gym, even though we are all dying together. Being able to bring my kids and have them watch me train is awesome too.

Favourite movement: Cleans

Least favourite movement: Anything overhead

Goals: I am doing my first Crossfit competition later in the year so just working on getting stronger for that. Also working towards getting more comfortable with gymnastic movements

CrossFit Raven Geelong - Client Journeys

Hannah’s Journey

Hannah Hayes, 28, Building Designer, started CrossFit in 2018.

Living post stroke with all the difficulties that come along with that – physical and mental, from day one has been extremely hard. I never fully fit in, was always a bit of an outcast. I had the mindset that I’d never be like everyone else, that I was handicapped.

I don’t think I’ve ever been so reluctant to walk into the gym the day I meet Em for a PT and had to bare all my insecurities.

But wow, am I glad I did!

From that day I knew I was in good hands. Looking back on it now joining CrossFit and partaking in classes was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

I’ve been able to create a routine that fits around my life and sets my whole day up to be better.

Being able to scale each of the workouts for my needs helps me to know exactly where I’m at and what I need to focus on. I never thought that I’d get to this point. I have a long way to go, but I don’t really look at it like that anymore. I’m rebuilding confidence within myself, thanks to the encouragement of other members and guidance and support of each of the coaches!

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