CrossFit Raven Specialty Classes

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Whilst some CrossFit Raven members know about our specialty classes, others still see these classes as a bit of a mystery. To help everyone better understand what specialty classes are all about, this recent fly on the wall account between a coach and athlete of ours should clear the air.


So what are these speciality classes that CrossFit Raven offers?

  • Our specialty classes are one-hour sessions designed and led by our expert CrossFit coaches to further help our athletes develop specific movements or skills.


How do they differ from regular classes?

  • Unlike our regular CrossFit classes which are structured around the briefing and coaching of a Workout of the Day (WOD), our specialty classes allow our coaches to spend the hour working with athletes on one specific movement.


But isn’t skill development part of every regular class?

  • Well yes and no. Whilst skill development is a part of every regular class, the structure and variation of each CrossFit WOD means we simply don’t have the time to properly drill down into the detailed mechanics and practice of a specific movement. That’s where our speciality classes come in. During the hour, we slow the specific movement right down and breakdown its mechanics so that you are able to properly understand and execute.


Specialty classes sound like they might be for more advanced athletes….

  • Again, yes and no. The focus of each CrossFit specialty class is dictated by our members, so we teach what they want to learn more about. Some classes will target beginners, focusing on fundamentals like grip types and deadlifts. Other classes will target more advanced athletes, targeting skills like muscle ups and triple unders.


So how will I know what specialty class is coming up and if it’s for me?

  • As far as knowing what the focus of an upcoming specialty class will be, you can check our noticeboard, our facebook or instagram feeds, your push press app, or just by asking one of your CrossFit Coaches. Whilst you are speaking to your coach, you should consult with them as to whether any upcoming specialty class is going to be of benefit to you.


Can anyone participate in specialty classes?

  • Anyone who has a CrossFit membership with us can participate in a speciality class.


Do I need to book prior or can I just rock up?

  • As with all our classes, bookings are essential so book via your push press app.


When do specialty classes take place?

  • Specialty classes take place every Friday evening from 6:30pm – 7:30pm (excluding public holidays).


Do say….

  • Refining my movements in a more controlled and calm environment sounds like just the thing I need. I’m going to chat with my CrossFit coach now.


Don’t say….

  • Nah…..Friday nights are cheat nights….what’s on TV?