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One-On-One Or One Too Many, You Choose!

At Crossfit Raven Geelong we understand that you might have requirements other than just completing the WOD, that’s why we offer Squad or Solo sessions. Our one on ones are perfect for tweaking that technique getting 1-2% more from each movement, and our one to many approach keeps your group rhythm going, training your team to work as one cohesive unit.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Glad you asked! We’re offering small group training session targeted to teams. These include but not limited to groups such as, AFL, Netball, Soccer, Mums groups, work groups and NFL etc.

Depending on the class size, you would have an hour session with one of our experienced coaches. We’ll take you through a session planned completely for the goals of your group, whether it be a fitness goal or team bonding etc.

  • Pre or post season training
  • Team bonding
  • Versatility and functionality

Just to name a few!

We do P.E classes. Movement is something we pride ourselves on, and we are passionate about sharing our knowledge to the younger generation and giving them a better understanding of what “functional fitness” is.

We’re surrounded with on street car parking and whilst we do have our own carpark at the front door, if you are arriving straight after a class is finishing it may be full, so please allow enough time for a 150 meter warmup!

Classes aren’t for everyone, so PT is something we do provide. We offer individual or 2:1 PT. The duration of the session is either a 45minute block or half an hour depending on what specific training you are after.

It’s just you and the coach, there are no distractions and nothing to focus on other than getting you where you want to be. Our PTs offer a different level of accountability, 1 because you have to show up and 2 because nothing goes unseen, every squat that isn’t deep enough or pull-up that isn’t high enough your coach will see it.

Absolutely, the session will still be functional fitness tailored to you. We have full faith that the product we deliver will give you the results you are after.

Personal training cost ranges between $65 – $85 per session.

All of our coaches are very experienced and have their own unique training style but they’re all on the same page with their knowledge, technique and ability to coach. Once we know more about your goals we will recommend a coach best suited to that area.

CrossFit Ocean Grove, Torquay or Surf Coast

Those Who Train Together……Stay Together.

We understand that when working as a team it’s important to keep momentum going, that’s why we offer Squad Training.

Perfect for your pre or post season training requirements, our CrossFit programs build on the hard work you put into your season and vary the workouts to achieve your team goal. Whether that be cardiovascular fitness, muscle gain or rehabilitation.



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