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Coaching Is An Artform

…A combination of vision, strategy, creativity and intuition coming together to inspire change and realise potential. A person’s coaching style is much like a fingerprint, unique to the individual and imbued with the power to influence and affect others. 

Our exceptional coaches take the time to know each member as a person. They use this foundational relationship to share knowledge and experience, teach technique, correct and praise effort, and inspire a growth mindset that propels each person towards the goal that they are invested in achieving. 

But what makes our coaches at CrossFit Raven truly unique, isn’t just that they have these skills, it’s that they bring these strengths together in ways that truly inspire, motivate and help others realise their potential.

Our coaches will work with you to develop training goals and plans that are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound. What you will achieve will arise out of sustained effort and determination. And as you progress along your crossfit journey, you will see how your efforts, contributions and achievements influence and inspire others on their journey to be their best. 

Emily Townsend
Owner / Coach

CrossFit has completely changed my life in the most incredible way possible. Growing up I was always active and was involved in lots of different sports, but nothing ever captured me and drove me as much as CrossFit. After completing my first CrossFit class in 2016, I knew it had lit a fire within me.

There is nothing quite like walking into your CrossFit Box and being challenged every single day to be the best you can be, not only physically, but mentally.

CrossFit is more than going to the gym and doing a workout, it’s a community. The support, camaraderie is, I believe, like no other in the fitness world.

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Matt McLeod

Finding CrossFit has definitely changed the way I approach everything in life. From training myself and training others, to approaching daily tasks, I now have a broader outlook on life.

Once using The Sport of Fitness as a way to help promote my fitness level in other sports, to having it as my main focus, has shown me the diversity of this amazing training method.

The feeling of accomplishment translates across my own success, to everyone that I coach. Showing people that they are capable of amazing things and helping them achieve what they thought impossible is one of the most remarkable outcomes to see.

Although I might not be competing anymore I will never stop promoting this brand of training and everything it will help you achieve.

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Alex Georgiou

I found CrossFit in 2012 I saw a guy do Fran online and thought how hard could it be, I finished the 21s in about 6 minutes couldn’t breathe and my whole body was on fire! That’s how hard it could be.

After that within the week I was enrolled my level 1 CrossFit Cert but what I didn’t realise is my life and view of fitness was about to change forever I was hooked .

I loved the fact it was so diverse and challenging compared to any gym program I had ever done, how they promoted it being scalable and suitable for everyone. Celebrating improved fitness at any level promoting improved health, achievements and community.  I was fortunate to pass my Level 1 and start coaching and sharing my newfound passion for CrossFit with others so they can have the same positive experience I have had.

8 years on I’m still coaching and striving to be a better than ever.

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Sarah Taylor

CrossFit completely changed the way I looked at fitness and exercise. My CrossFit story started in 2014 and I haven’t looked back since.

The purpose behind CrossFit resonated with me, we are working on our fitness that translates to physical preparedness in the life tasks we face every day, and we are having fun while we do it!

Community is integral to this sport, and I have been fortunate to be inspired and humbled by some incredible athletes. Everything is modifiable and everyone is on their own CrossFit journey, but you can guarantee that nobody will suffer alone and whilst it can be challenging, it is rewarding there is no other community or sport quite like it.

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Charlie Conheady

I have always been passionate about sport and fitness as a kid and always envisioned myself making a living in the fitness industry. I recently discovered CrossFit and quickly fell in love. I loved the environment, passion and energy on the gym floor – something you don’t experience at commercial gyms.

Going from doing bench press and leg extensions every day, to movements I have never heard of before (like handstand push-ups and toes to bar) whilst Olympic lifting every day was a big change for me, but I couldn’t see myself ever going back.

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Chad Murphy

Growing up in the US, team sports has always been a big part of my life so when I heard about CrossFit, a sport that challenges you individually whilst allowing you to compete as part of a team, I realised I’d found a new obsession.

I started going to CrossFit regularly in 2014 and haven’t looked back. What I found most surprising was the tight knit community that CrossFit fosters, both at my own gym and the gyms I’d travelled to abroad. Wherever you are, CrossFit gives you a sense of belonging.

Although I have changed both physically and mentally since stepping into that first CrossFit class 8 years ago, I’m still learning every day, both from seasoned veterans of the sport and beginners alike; that’s the brilliance of CrossFit! No matter your ability or fitness level, there is always a challenge waiting for you and a community backing you at every class.

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Lachlan McClusky

I love the challenge CrossFit provides both mentally and physically when participating myself and I love the way it binds people together, encouraging them to try new things and be their best.

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Why Our Coaches Excel

At Crossfit Raven Geelong, our coaches have the vision for what is possible, the strategy for how to get there, the creativity to inspire and include, and the intuition to apply learned experience in real time. 

Using the skills below, they will resonate with you in ways that will motivate you to show up, believe in yourself and your CrossFit program and apply only your best effort every time.


Strong class member and coach connections built on empathy and trust.


Our coaches excel in understanding and applying the theory behind the practice.


Our strengths and skills are set just right, finely tuned for continuous improvement.

Leadership & Experience

We believe leaders should not only know the way, but also go the way and show the way.

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