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The Physical & Mental Benefits.

There is a wealth of research available that paints a clear picture as to why physical activity is crucial for children as they grow up. Being active improves health and wellbeing at any age and the most up to date scientific advice suggests that children who exercise regularly benefit from:

  • reduced risk of obesity
  • increased cardiovascular fitness
  • healthy growth of bones, muscles, ligaments and tendons
  • improved coordination, balance and ability to physically relax 
  • improved sleep, brain development and social skills
  • mental health benefits, such as greater confidence
  • improved personal skills, including cooperation, teamwork and leadership.

It’s Never Too Early To Get CrossFit!

Look no further than CrossFit Raven….it’s our mission to make functional fitness fun, for children aged 7 to 17!

We focus on the physical and developmental needs of children and teenagers so that they can develop the strength, flexibility, coordination, and fitness to tackle their pre-teens and adolescence with confidence.

We keep our classes structured, yet fun with constantly varied and exciting programming aimed specifically at improving all areas of your child’s fitness. Classes run to school terms.

And should you feel up to it, join a class. Nothing motivates a youngster more than seeing their parents or adult friend try something new.

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Frequently asked questions

CrossFit Kids is for your little ones aged 7 to 12 years. We’ll teach them the basics of workout moves with an emphasis on learning through play. Kids sessions run for 30 minutes.

CrossFit Teens is for kids ages 12 to 17 years. Teens complete a more structured 45 minute workout based on our workout of the day. They’ll learn the fundamentals of CrossFit, making it a great intro to continuing their CrossFit journey into adulthood.

Your child may be moved between the kids and teens groups depending on ability, at our discretion.

CrossFit Kids and Teens is for any kids aged 7 to 17 and we encourage a friendly, supportive environment. As this is a fitness environment your child must be able to follow instruction to continue with the program.

Pricing is done in accordance with Victorian school terms and will change depending on how many weeks are in a term.

CrossFit Kids and Teens memberships include one session a week or two sessions a week options. 

Get in touch with our coaches to confirm the upcoming term pricing.

Nope! CrossFit is for all abilities and no prior experience is required to start.

The CrossFit Kids classes must be supervised by parents. Teens do not need parent supervision but you are welcome to stay on if inclined.

Please bring a bottle of water and a towel to each session.

Check out our timetable here.

Please note these times are subject to change on public holidays and we encourage you to call the gym to check if coming on these days.

Let us know of any current or past injuries in the waiver form (must be filled out before the first session). This is so we can be prepared and tailor each movement to suit their ability.

There is 1 trainer for every 10 kids in each class. We can cater for classes of up to 30 kids.

CrossFit For Kids at CrossFit Raven

CrossFit Kids & Teens At CrossFit Raven.

Our CrossFit Kids & Teens classes are structured using a highly engaging, effective and habit-forming training program combining key elements of gymnastics, weight lifting, cardio-vascular and body-weight training. It is incredibly flexible and adaptable to the needs and age of all participants; from children and teenagers to adults young and old. The benefits of our dedicated CrossFit for Kids and Teens programs include:

  • a program that meets the physical and developmental needs of kids and teenagers
  • a constantly varied and exciting programming that improves all areas of fitness
  • a fun and sociable environment that is competitive without being aggressive 
  • a sense of discipline, confidence and teamwork 
  • children can start as young as 7-years-of-age
  • intimate class sizes that allow for greater relationship development.
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CrossFit For Kids at CrossFit Raven
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