New Member Special – Body Scans at CrossFit Raven

New members will enjoy two FREE body scans with all new unlimited memberships for the month of June! Simply mention this offer when signing up to redeem your FREE body scans! 

At CrossFit Raven, we combine the accountability of personal training with the community & camaraderie of team sports to help you achieve results you didn’t think possible. To enhance your experience as a new CrossFit Raven member, we’ve partnered with Body Fit Geelong to offer two free fitness body scans using the InBody Body Composition Analysers. Here, we’ll explore the benefits of completing a body scan at the beginning of your CrossFit Raven experience and six weeks into your training to compare your fitness levels.

What are Body Scans?

Body scans are non-invasive procedures that use technology to measure various aspects of your body composition, such as body fat percentage, muscle mass, and water weight. The InBody Body Composition Analysers used at CrossFit Raven is a top-of-the-line system that uses bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) to measure body composition accurately.

The Benefits of Body Scans

  1. Accurate Measurements: Body scans provide accurate measurements of your body composition, which is essential for tracking your fitness progress. By measuring body fat percentage, muscle mass, and water weight, you can get a better understanding of your body’s composition and how it’s changing over time.
  2. Personalised Fitness Plan: With accurate measurements, our trainers can better recommend what classes would be best for you and your body’s needs. If you have a high body fat percentage, for example, your trainer might recommend specific training methods to help you burn fat.
  3. Motivation: Completing a body scan before training and a few months later can provide the motivation you need to stick to your fitness goals. Seeing progress in your body composition can be a powerful motivator to keep pushing yourself in your workouts.
  4. Health Assessment: Body scans can provide valuable information about your overall health. High body fat percentages, for example, are linked to an increased risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease and diabetes. By monitoring your body composition, you can take steps to improve your health and reduce your risk of these diseases.

Completing a Body Scan at CrossFit Raven

Completing a body scan at CrossFit Raven is a straightforward process. Members simply stand on the InBody Body Composition Analysers for a few seconds, and the system provides a detailed report of their body composition. The report includes measurements of body fat percentage, muscle mass, water weight, and more.

After completing the initial body scan, members can track their progress over time by completing a subsequent scan six weeks later. By comparing the six-week scan to the results of their initial scan, members can see how their body composition is changing and adjust their fitness plan accordingly.

Completing body scans to track and compare your fitness levels is an excellent way to see your progress and stay motivated in your fitness journey. With the accurate measurements provided by the InBody Body Composition Analysers used by CrossFit Raven, you can tailor your fitness plan to your body’s needs and reduce your risk of chronic diseases. So, if you’re a member of CrossFit Raven, be sure to take advantage of this valuable service and track your progress towards a healthier, fitter you! 

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