Ocean Grove commuters, this one’s for you!

CrossFit Ocean Grove, Torquay or Surf Coast

Looking for a CrossFit box near Ocean Grove, Torquay or the Surfcoast? CrossFit Raven is for you!

Crossfit Raven is just a stone’s throw from Ocean Grove and Torquay. Located in Grovedale, just off Torquay highway, we’re proud to offer a convenient timetable that means regardless of whether you’re a before-work or after-work athlete we’ve got a class time to suit you! 

With a number of our members joining us daily from Ocean Grove, Torquay and the Surfcoast we want to highlight the reasons we know you’ll love CrossFit Raven and want to make it a stop on your daily commute! 


Here are 7 reasons you should make CrossFit Raven a part of your daily trip from Ocean Grove or Torquay to Geelong:

  1. Our fully equipped bathrooms make it convenient to join us for a morning workout before heading to work. You’ve got the facilities to freshen up and prepare for work right here at CrossFit Raven!
    This is perfect for those of you travelling from OG or Torquay to train at CrossFit Raven in the morning. It’s like having all the little luxuries of home at your new CrossFit box!
  2. The best piece of equipment at CrossFit Raven isn’t the professional-grade barbells or our huge range of weight plates, it’s the industrial coffee machine that we make the most of every single morning!
    The best way to reward yourself post-workout is with a fresh, barista-made coffee to enjoy on your way to work! And if you ask our members, it’s their favourite perk of morning training at CrossFit Raven.
  3. With a dedicated kids area, your little ones can enjoy a play within eyesight while you enjoy the WOD! This is perfect for your little early risers that need to tag along before daycare drop-off. Or if your kids are a little older, we run Kids and Teens classes on select weekdays so they can come along and do a CrossFit workout themself! We focus on the physical and developmental needs of children and teenagers so that they can develop the strength, flexibility, coordination, and fitness to tackle their pre-teens and adolescence with confidence.Learn more about our Kids and Teens CrossFit classes here.
  4. We offer weekly specialty classes that are designed and led by our expert CrossFit coaches to help further our athletes in specific movements or skills. You can try these hour-long classes every Friday from 6.30pm, they’re available for all members. Start your weekend the right way with some CrossFit training on your way home to Ocean Grove or Torquay!
  5. Our classes kick off at 5.15am and the last class of the day begins at 6.30pm so you’re sure to find a class time that suits your commute every day of the week. Plus, we offer open gym times so you can come in and perfect your technique in your own time. Check out our timetable for all the availability.
  6. Easy parking is available onsite so you’ll save the warm up for class, not running a mile from your car to the box! We know how frustrating it is to have to allow extra time to get to your destination, find a park somewhere nearby and get in before the warm up starts. But at CrossFit Raven, you can enjoy those extra fifteen minutes of sleep and snag a park right out the front in our private car park!
  7. You’ll feel so great after a workout! Working out in the morning is proven to boost your energy throughout the day, improve focus and cognition, and puts you in a better mood! Or, if you’re using it to destress at the end of the day an afternoon workout is an effective way to leave work behind. It reduces cortisol and adrenaline levels, releases tension, and gives you endorphins so you’ll get home in a better mood.A win-win no matter what time you work out at CrossFit Raven!


So if you’re ready to make CrossFit Raven a part of your daily routine when you make your way to Geelong from Ocean Grove, Torquay or anywhere along the Surfcoast take us up on our Free Trial offer or get in touch with our team to learn more about CrossFit Raven!